Tuesday, September 25, 2007

LUNCH BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

It just flashed through my mind and BAM my pussy was wet. I looked at the time and saw it was just 12pm.

Now let me tell u where I was
I was at the office and I had been busy since 7.10am when I came in.
Lots of reports to update and queries to resolve.

So in all these why would Mr. Jay’s Dick flash through my Mind?
Now there is nothing particularly fantastic about the dick; rather it’s the way he uses it that is totally AWESOME.
He is a slow rider, he fucks you like you are the only woman in the world for him (na lie oh).
Sure you’ll be wondering “who be Mr. Jay again”; he is my “lunch break”.
When I felt my pussy dripping, I picked the Phone and called him and asked where he was?
He was in the office and I told him that I wanted lunch at his place in 30 mins and I wanted it hard and hot.
The good thing here is I work in VI he works in Ikoyi and stays at Ikoyi too.
By the time I got to his place (after the falomo bridge traffic) he was there and the door was open.
I walked in2 a dark room and wondered where his houseboy was; as I stepped further in2 the living room I heard our “sex” song playing and just when it clicked I felt his hands around me.
“Where is John” I asked, “I sent him to CMS”; that meant I had license to scream and moan loud.
With that I walked out of his hands, Pulled down my skirt and unbuttoned my shirt (my heels where still on and I made sure I arse was facing him when I slid the skirt down).
I walked to his big puff (abi na wetin I go call that really large puff that u can sit or lie on). Laid down and spread my legs.
That was all Jay needed; like I said earlier about his fuck-niques; so is his foreplay moves...
My guys went straight for my pussy (of which I don comot pant for office and clean up my sista down there).
Where the cold honey came from me I no know but the next feeling I got was cold and later hot.
He ate my pussy like it was going on sabbatical all the while sliding his finger in and out.

I kept thrashing and moaning (and I can moan??), tugging on his shirt and rubbing his head. All my Pussy senses were so high and I felt every lick, suck, bite, plunge and nibble I was getting down there. Before long I came and felt like the cat that got the cream but… my lunch had just begun…..

I got up and joined him on the rug, pulled down his pants and boxers.
I then paid mouth homage to the dick I knew was gonna fuck me good very soon.

I showed the dick (with my mouth and honey) how much I respected it by kissing; how I feared it by licking and finally how I couldn’t have enough of it by sucking.

Jay couldn’t take it gain and told me as much.

Now doggy is the fastest way for him 2 come and me I no want dat one so instead I sat astride and rode him hard and fast ( na my opportunity 4 fast fuck): I went up and down, jerked, rolled my hips all the while putting in some pussy clenches. I dey sweat for AC sef.
This I did for about ten minutes and then…. Maybe the homage to his dick was 2 much or maybe the winding and grinding was excessive but Jay came.

Me I no fear cos I knew he would get up soon.
When he came he went to the bathroom upstairs to wash up, I followed him up of course and after all the clean up he attacked my breasts sucking and kneading; he knew I was still hungry and so he laid me down and did it the old way : missionary.

He kept at it, moving his waist in every possible direction and I was there to meet him all the way.
I could feel it building cos I kept saying “fuck me”, “fuck me”, “fuck me”; “oh yes” then we came 2gether.

I needed to rest a while and catch my breath so did he.

After about 5 mins rest and chit chats it was time to leave.

I had 2 wash up and while I was in the bathroom he came in and said “I think u need a hot shower instead” with that he turned on the shower faucet, and joined me.
I washed him down with shower gel paying more attention 2 his balls and dick; rubbing his nipples and stomach. He told me that was enough and that it was his turn.

He rubbed my breasts with the gel, down my stomach and to my pussy; washing and finger fucking me.

He asked me 2 bend over so the water from the shower could rinse the soap off and next thing I felt was his dick inside me.
Oh!! That felt so good. The combo of warm water and Jay’s dick was like ice cream on a hot day.

He fucked me so good I felt like crying with joy. The sounds coming from us would have surprised his neighbors if the could hear.
With every thrust he gave I slammed back in2 him begging him 2 fuck me harder which he obliged.

My last cumm came with a scream so loud I thank God John was not around.
As soon as he finished I heard my phone ringing downstairs; shit! Duty calls.

We dressed hurriedly and went downstairs. I saw that it was my Boss calling and she could be a bitch (maybe her husband no dey fuck am well).

Anyway, I gave Jay a thank you for lunch kiss and just before I walked out he told me 2 wait and take something with me.

He had actually bought me Pizza; the spicy type; handing it over he said; “you’ve had it hot and hard, take spicy along with that”.



Wednesday, September 19, 2007


-It was instant attraction; when I walked in2 the room and looked at him I knew deep down that no matter how I “posed”, I was going to get laid 2day
I met S online; he is a Nigerian, a waffi guy to be precise. We had gotten along well on the phone all this while and since he was going to be in Lagos for a meeting we decided to meet.

I got to eko hotel looking my “innocent” best (U know that kind of look we girls like to take on so as not 2 give a guy the wrong impression about us). U would not want to jump on a girl that looked dat way but will spend all day thinking of the various ways u could have her.

Anyway when I got in2 the room we sat on the bed and started chatting; it was just like on the phone, we never ran out of what 2 talk about. It was so much fun. All the while we were gisting and drinking I avoided touching him but staying close to him was getting me all wet.

He had lips that I could picture sucking my nipples and the way he moved his fingers got me wonderin….
I had 2 make a move that will make him come 2 me and give me the opportunity to feel the hard on I could see building under his pants.

I stood up and when to the balcony, leaned over the railings and sighed. I set my arse in a position that made it look I had a dick in between. Trust S, he came behind me and stood close enough for me 2 feel his hard on brush against my arse but no close enough to make me scold him e wanted it 2 look like a mistake but I knew better.

Meanwhile ur girl no like heights, na my plan I wan put in2 play and it was going on course.

I walked back into the room waited for him 2 walk after me and I closed the glass slide locking out the balcony. I walked back 2 d bed and then he started……….

Now I have 2 tell u I am d kind of girl that knows what she wanted and goes for it.

When he started kissing my back I let him because I was enjoying it. From there he went for my shoulders all the while rubbing my breasts. I was enjoying every second of it and my moans encouraged him 2 go on.

I was dripping wet cos he was doing every thing I expected him 2 do.

He came in front of me and started unbuttoning my shirt, I was left with my lace black bra, and my nipples were hard by now and visible from the bra.

He bent his head and bit my nipples thru the bra. I moaned my contentment with his move.

He went on to unbutton my skirt and slid them down, a G-string was all I had on
(so much 4 d good girl facade) and it was soaked.

When he touched my clits thru my pants (d guy na wizard) I jumped up from the bed and walked to the glass door (d one locking out the patio) and stood, he came behind me and grabbed my breasts from behind, kneading them hard but gentle enough so they didn’t hurt, he squeezed my nipple gently and started kissing my back raining the kisses down my spine. While his lips were doing justice to my back, his fingers were doing wicked things to me in front.

By this time my breasts where out of my bra and pressed against the glass door, the combination of the cool glass and the wicked things S was doing had my Nipples as hard as a rock by now.

His fingers where rubbing on my clits while sliding in and out of my cunt. My arse was jerking in rhythm to his fingers and I was going crazy.

When I felt he was going to drive me crazy with all this foreplay he turned me around and pulled down my pants, spread my legs and went down on me, licking, sucking and biting my clits. I am sure if not that the walls were thick my moans would be heard all round that floor.

I had gotten so crazy by now I had 2 do something, I pulled him to his feet and pushed him on the bed. I started unbuttoning his shirt and nibbled every part of him I exposed. From his neck to his nipples down to the belly button until I came eye to eye with is dick and there I froze.

His dick was HUGE and I just had 2 taste him

Now I like to get and give head

I started by licking the tip of his dick, down the sides and up again; nibbling, licking and sucking as I went along.
His breathing had changed by now and I knew he was getting really excited. I was down on him for about 5 mins before he pulled up my head and came behind me.

His first thrust was so deep I screamed, he kept at it going in and out of me with fast and hard strokes at the same time rubbing my clits with his fingers.

After some more intense fucking he turned me around, I raised my legs straight up and closed them and he pushed his dick straight into me and started fucking me fiercely.

I was going crazy and I could feel my cum building. My moans were getting loud and less coherent by now.

When I couldn’t hold it back again i had to come at the same time as MR S.

I felt thoroughly and aggressively fucked and I told him so.

Guess what he said? “YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET”.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This happened about eight years ago; i went to c Mr B and had 2 smoke so i went to the rooftop of his house ( e no dey like cigar smoke for him house).

please note all i was wearing was a shirt.

anyway i had been there for about 6mins leisurely smoking my cigarette before i felt his hand's in btw my legs.
i parted them 2 give him better access and bent over the roof railings.

with his other hand he unbuttoned my shirt and i felt the cold winds on my breasts making my nipples hard.

i was dripping wet by now and didn't need any foreplay.

i wanted it fast and furious so i reached for his dick and shoved my arse backwards.

when i felt him slide in2 me , i let out a loud moan and started giving him real fast and hard all the while clenching my pussy walls in rythm 2 his inward movements.



it was still on of my most exhilarating f**ks.